Compared to other materials used in the production of doors, the structure, thermal characteristics, and longevity of wood provides many opportunities for realising a wide variety of design ideas. This leads to wood’s popularity among those loyal to classical designs, as well as those who prefer both modern and exceptional solutions. However, regardless of the above, most people choose wooden doors due to their cosy and natural feel. A broad selection of colours, design patterns, sizes, types of wood, and the professional advice we offer to our clients are all reasons why people prefer go with our services.


Sliding terrace doors are a popular suggestion to clients who wish to develop a brighter and more spacious interior design, to give their home an optically larger look, or to maintain the advantages of their current space. This solution is excellent for terraces, balconies, pools, and winter gardens. Wooden sliding doors not only expand the already existent space, but also optically diminish its fragmentation, thereby allowing people to enjoy natural sights and panoramas in the comfort of their own homes. Such doors can be used to separate both interior and exterior spaces. Quietly operated sliding wooden doors with excellent thermal insulation will provide your home with new spaces and a whole new level of cosiness.


Folding doors are usually the choice of those who don’t have enough space for opening or sliding doors in their home, yet wish to preserve its brightness and sense of space, enjoy a nice view, or optically expand the respective area, while maintaining its integrity – it’s an excellent solution for people who live in small spaces. The functional and pragmatic sliding door systems resemble an accordion – they are typically comprised of two to six or seven parts, while the door itself can be folded either in one or in both directions. The doors move on special wheels, which allows for easy and quiet operation. Folding door systems are an ideal solution for those who own garden houses, small terraces, balconies, or gazebos.