More and more people seeking cosiness, comfort, and a sense of quality in their homes choose wooden windows, which, over time, become a key interior element of many households. Naturalness is the key quality that most people list as the reason why they have chosen wooden windows. Apart from its environmental pedigree and “friendliness” to humans, wood is a breathable material which allows for the continuous circulation of air in your household.
Wood processing conducted at our factory is compliant with all of the relevant quality requirements applicable to the manufacturing of windows, which results in a durable and deformation-resistant product.
Unlike their plastic counterparts, wooden windows are characterised by excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, which has made them increasingly more popular with people who live in urban areas.
Another reason behind the popularity of wooden windows is their aesthetic appearance. The wide selection of varnishes reveals the beauty of wood, while colours imbued by different types of paint help in the development of a unique interior design.


It would be fair to list these windows among the greatest achievements of modern technology – a truly unique product made from wood overlaid with sheets of aluminium, which protect the wooden frame from the elements, including wind, cold, rain, and ultraviolet radiation.
Furthermore, aluminium-covered windows are exceptionally sturdy and resistant to deformation, yet easy to open and close, require little in the way of maintenance, and may be dyed in whichever colour you prefer.
The synthesis of wood and aluminium enables us to make full use of its insulating properties, and thereby ensure the peace and warmth of your home.